Could cryptocurrency mining increase your electricity costs? Yes, claims Idaho Power. Things to know

Idaho Statesman: BOISE Miners are swarming to Idaho because of the state’s inexpensive power. According to state officials, the increased energy consumption is taxing the entire electrical grid. According to Jordan Rodriguez, a representative for Idaho Power, the company actually requested that the Idaho Public Utilities Commission create a new customer class just for large-scale … Read more

DoJ creates a new DAC following Biden’s EO on the rise of cryptocurrency.

In response to President Biden’s executive order (EO) on the development of digital resources from last March, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) released its most current report. Additionally, it disclosed the development of a fresh Digital Asset Coordinator Network (DAC) to support the agency’s initiatives to address the growing threats American citizens face from … Read more

Despite the conflict and sanctions, US and EU crypto miners continue to operate in Russia.

The United States and the European Union increased sanctions after Russia began the war in Ukraine in February. Western businesses abandoned their operations in Russia, along with their inventory and workforce. You’d expect that the Russian cryptocurrency mining industry, which has long been favoured by inexpensive Siberian electricity, would feel the heat as well. U.S. … Read more

Few Responses to Biden’s Executive Order in Crypto Reports from US Treasury.

A number of US government publications that were expected to provide light on the Biden administration’s and regulators’ intentions regarding digital assets have been keenly anticipated by the cryptocurrency industry. The majority of the records are now public, but the situation is still unclear. The Treasury Department’s studies, three of which were released on Friday, … Read more

Crypto Price Check: As Ether Declines, The Merge Arrives Like a Lamb

With the completion of the long-awaited Merge, Ethereum should become greener. The crypto world is experiencing D-Day.After years of speculation and planning, the much-awaited The Merge update to the Ethereum platform was eventually released on September 15. The native currency of the Ethereum network, ether, was down 7% to $1,473 at the time of the … Read more

Crypto Declines on News of Inflation. When Will the Crypto Winter End?

Yesterday’s stock and cryptocurrency values fell due to worse than anticipated news. According to the most recent consumer pricing index (CPI) data, inflation grew 8.3% annually and by 0.1% for the month. Economic experts had anticipated a little decline. It signals to consumers that high costs will persist. For investors, it means sustained price pressure … Read more

After heated US inflation figures, Bitcoin leads all cryptocurrencies lower.

As hitting a three-week high, Bitcoin immediately fell after US inflation statistics came in worse than many traders had anticipated. Other prestigious cryptocurrencies also decreased. After consumer price index, or CPI, inflation data came in hotter than anticipated, there was a fresh expectation that the US Federal Reserve would adopt a more restrictive US monetary … Read more

US Senators are interested in what Meta is doing to combat cryptocurrency scams.

Six eminent United States Senators are pressuring Meta Platforms, the Mark Zuckerberg-led social media corporation, to reveal its policies for handling cryptocurrency scams on its platforms. The Senators asked for particular information about “Meta’s efforts to prevent cryptocurrency scams on its social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp,” in a letter they sent to … Read more