Western Union appears to be getting ready to learn more about cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market has been losing money for almost a whole year, and while coin values have decreased significantly from November 2021 levels, development and acceptance are still moving forward quickly.

Numerous financial services from the traditional banking industry have long claimed that cryptocurrencies are scams that are destined to fail and that they will not be touched, but that is slowly beginning to change.

According to the newly filed trademark applications, Western Union appears to be returning to cryptocurrency after previous failed attempts to get engaged. Banks are becoming more and more interested, businesses like PayPal now have their own cryptocurrency area.

The company’s upcoming intentions are revealed by new trademark filings.

The corporation appears to be making new attempts to penetrate the crypto sector, based on the applications. It hasn’t been very successful thus far, but this could start to change soon.

The trademark applications, which were submitted on October 18th, show that Western Union intends to introduce a number of crypto-related products and services.

The trademark applications were initially brought to light by trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis, who shared his discovery on Twitter. There are a total of three trademark applications.

Examples include keeping track of wallets, setting up an exchange for digital assets and derivatives on commodities, and even issuing, brokering, and insuring tokens.

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